Take Action!


Take Action


  • Attend our future events or meetings in Durham Region
  • “like” us on facebook and see upcoming events
  • Spread the word to friends, family and co-workers
  • Learn how to avoid fluoride such as using the appropriate water filter and by avoiding the foods that contain high amounts of fluoride. Visit our “How to Avoid Fluoride” page.
  • Become a part of the International and Canadian movements, visit these organizations:

Fluoride Action Network: http://fluoridealert.org/                                                                                                      

Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation-Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration                                          

(COF-COF): http://cof-cof.ca/


Letters: Write to Councillors and to local newspapers 


   It is crucial that Councillors hear and understand our community concerns  

  • Call, speak personally, present a delegation, or write a letter to the Region of Durham or to your City’s Council regarding your concerns about water fluoridation.

There are 3 easy steps to follow. 

Your letter or e-mail should be:

Concise, Just a few sentences is enough to get your concerns across.

Identifiable, i.e. containing your full name, address, telephone number;

Dated (and signed, if regular mail is used).

Send letters to:

Regional Municipality of Durhamclerks@durham.ca

Town of Ajax Municipal Officecontactus@ajax.ca

Municipality of Clarington Municipal Office – clerks@clarington.net

City of Oshawa Municipal Office – services@oshawa.ca

City of Pickering Municipal Office – info@pickering.ca

Town of Whitby Municipal Office – clerks@whitby.ca

Health Department – Main Office– health@durham.ca

Click example letter:  Open Letter to Councillor

  • Write Letters to the Editor to local newspapers (and beyond).

Some emails of local papers:

Metroland Newspapers in Durham Regionnewsroom@durhamregion.com

Toronto Star- lettertoed@thestar.ca

Durham College Chronicle– chronicle.news@dc-uoit.ca 

Oshawa Express- editor@oshawaexpress.ca

Globe and Mail- letters@globeandmail.ca

National Post- http://www.nationalpost.com/contact

Toronto Sun- torsun.editor@sunmedia.ca 



Past Delegates

 Stacey Snow (website administrator) 

I presented to the Durham Region’s Health and Social Services Committee on April 5th, 2012. Look for the summary of my presentation in the minutes on page 2-3  ( My name was Stacey Kearney at the time)

Health and Social Services April 05 Minutes

Todd Baron-Chiropractor in Durham Region

As a doctor of chiropractic I have a strong interest in our health and a belief that in most cases mother nature doesn’t need any help, just no interference. So anytime we introduce an artifical chemical into our bodies there should be a compelling reason. I had done some reading on the topic of water fluoridation before and when an email about the durham council meeting on the topic came up, I felt I was well positioned to discuss the topic from a scientific foundation. I approached the topic with three main questions.

  • One, is water fluroidation beneficial?
  • Two, is water fluoridation harmful?
  • Three, is it ethically and morally proper to mandate adding a chemical to our water supply and removing the right to choose from the general populace? After doing a lot of reading I came to the following conclusions.

One, water fluoridation is of limited benefit, not nearly as much as the health authorities have purported. Two, there are many potential negative consequences associated with fluoride ingestion and more reseach is needed to determine its safety. Instead, what has been done is the proponents of water fluoridation have pointed to the most positive studies and ignored the negative ones saying there is not enough evidence to prove the negative effects. In my opinion what should be done is they must prove its safety prior to forcing it upon us, and not citing its safety because studies haven’t proven its danger beyond doubt and not be willing to do any research to prove its safety. Rather poor logic in my opinion. Thirdly, I find it unethical to place a potentially harmful chemical with limited benefit into our water supply and removing our freedom of choice.

 The more I read, the more it reinforced these opinions. In fact the health department delegation at the council meeting reinforced them even more. They admitted the highest rates of dental caries were found in south Oshawa, a lower income area with less access to dental care and less likely to perform daily oral hygiene but with water fluoridation than areas of Durham without water fluoridation. In other words the statistical reality in our own region does not show a benefit to water fluoridation.

Health and Social Services Nov 10 Minutes Page 8


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