We are a group of concerned citizens whose mission is:

  • To raise awareness concerning the harmful effects and human right violations of water fluoridation
  • To mobilize citizens to assist in ending the addition of hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) to  Durham Region’s water supply
  • To take political action in ending this practice

Our Water, Our Health, Our Rights

Durham Region, Ontario







7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you to all the men and women that worked hard to make January 9th 2014 a reality. It was truly an inspiring night! The evening fueled my desire to advocate to all those I know about the terrible dangers of fluoride. Dr. Connett brought up an extremely valid piece of information that I failed to link to our freedom from fluoride; consent. As a practising nurse in Oshawa, I would never administer a medication without consent, to do so would be against the ethical principles of nursing. The College of Nurses states that “Consent is required for any treatment except treatment provided in certain emergency situations. The consent must: relate to the treatment being proposed; be informed; be voluntary; and not have been obtained through misrepresentation or fraud” (CNO 2013). I have never provided consent to have fluoride added to my water. I consumed fluoride unknowingly and unvoluntarily for years! Is this not illegal? Is this not misrepresentation and fraud?
    I believe it is!


  2. I learned of the dangers of fluoride about 3 years ago. We no longer use fluoridated toothpaste but we can’t escape the water.
    Unfortunately I grew up in brantford which has the dubious honour of being the first city in Canada to fluoridate. I still remember the horrible taste of this crazy fluoride rinse we had to do weekly (late 70s early 80s).
    I fully support your work and applaud your efforts to raise awareness.

    Michelle Winterburn.

  3. I recently attended the information night where Paul Connett spoke of all the dangers of water fluoridation and I can say that I never really knew how bad it was until now. I have two young children and I am so angry to know that I have subjected them unknowingly to this chemical waste that is in our water. How can the government allow this to be added in our water without scientific evidence that it is safe in every way for human consumption? I feel as though my rights as a person have been violated ! I have a right to say NO fluoridation in my water and that right was taken away from me and my children!! Now who knows how much damage it has caused in mine and my husbands body and especially in my children’s!! It has been proven that fluoridation causes lower IQ levels in children and damages human bones. If anything the dangers that it is causing the rest of the body way out ways the justification to save .6 of a tooth in which dentists say that fluoride should only be used topically not internally by consuming it. So why are we still drinking fluoride water???? There are many ways to help the poor in saving their teeth, then adding more chemicals in our drinking water. I have been a skeptic before and now after seeing all the scientific proven evidence of how bad it is , we as a society need to wake up and start realizing that our health is being jeopardized! Its no wonder that so many people are getting cancer of every kind and especially young children!
    I want to thank everyone who has worked very hard in educating the people in this region on the dangers of fluoridation and for saving me and my family from continuing to drink the polluted water. My vote is NO more fluoride in our water!!

  4. I was just made aware of the January 9th meeting and wish that I could have attended. In my situation, I was growing up in Toronto in the 60’s and now in Durham. Let’s get rid of Fluoride. I’m suffering with Kidney disease and concerned about Alzheimer’s disease or related cindtions. I look forward to hear more about further actions to remove this toxicity from our most valuable resource. We should all band together to protect ourselves.

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